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FlightCtrlState Class

FlightCtrlState objects are in charge of controlling vessels. User input can be acquired through the FlightCtrlState object of the current vessel. Modifications to the object will overwrite user input, and can lead to autopiloting. Below are some useful members of class FlightCtrlState. Note that this list is far from complete.


The following is a list of publically-accessible fields in FlightCtrlState. This includes protected items, which can be accessed by subclasses.

Signature Description
float mainThrottle The current throttle, ranging from 0 to 1.
float pitch -1(pitch down) ~ 1(pitch up)
float yaw -1(yaw left) ~ 1(yaw right)
float roll -1(roll left) ~ 1(roll right)
float X -1(translate right) ~ 1(translate left)
float Y -1(translate down) ~ 1(translate up)
float Z -1(translate forward) ~ 1(translate backward)
bool killRot Responsible for SAS/ASAS toggle before v0.18. It is now obsolete. SAS is now controlled by the SAS action group.


The following are methods included in FlightCtrlState.

Signature Description
void CopyFrom(FlightCtrlState st)