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Krakensbane Class

Inherits Implements
  • MonoBehaviour

The Krakensbane system is used to overcome the floating point precision errors that occur due to the environment size.


The following is a list of publically-accessible fields in Krakensbane. This includes protected items, which can be accessed by subclasses.

Signature Description
Vector3d RBVel Unknown
Vector3d excessV Unknown
Vector3d lastCorrection Unknown
float MaxV The value of this is 750f, by default. I'm not sure if its constant.
Vector3d FrameVel Unknown
Vector3d totalVel Unknown


The following are methods included in Krakensbane.

Signature Description
static Vector3d GetFrameVelocity() Returns the velocity of the Krakensbane velocity frame.
static Vector3 GetFrameVelocityV3f() Returns the velocity of the Krakensbane velocity frame in unity format.
static Vector3d GetLastCorrection() Returns the last velocity correction performed.
static void ResetVelocityFrame() Sets the frame velocity back to 0m/s. Use this if setting the world space velocity of vessels directly.
void setOffset(Vector3d offset) This allows you to set the world offset from the position. Remember this system moves the environment around the player.