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The following are public properties available in PatchedConicSolver.

Signature Description
Orbit LastActivePatch { get; }
Orbit orbit { get; }


The following is a list of publically-accessible fields in PatchedConicSolver. This includes protected items, which can be accessed by subclasses.

Signature Description
bool debug_disableEscapeCheck
List<Orbit> flightPlan
int GeoSolverIterations
List<ManeuverNode> maneuverNodes Array containing nodes maneuvers.
int maxGeometrySolverIterations
int maxTimeSolverIterations
int maxTotalPatches
bool MorePatchesAhead
OrbitDriver obtDriver
double outerReaches
List<Orbit> patches
int patchesAhead
CelestialBody targetBody
int TimeSolverIterations1
int TimeSolverIterations2


The following are methods included in PatchedConicSolver.

Signature Description
ManeuverNode AddManeuverNode(double UT) Add a maneuver node. To add a maneuver in 30min : FlightGlobals.ActiveVessel.patchedConicSolver.AddManeuverNode(Planetarium.GetUniversalTime() + (30.0 * 60.0));
void DecreasePatchLimit()
void IncreasePatchLimit()
void RemoveManeuverNode(ManeuverNode node)
void Update()
void UpdateFlightPlan()