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KSP.IO Namespace
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TextWriter Class

Identical to System.IO.TextWriter, but with added IDisposable methods (for use in using() statements), and a factory method instead of constructors.


The following are public properties available in TextWriter.

Signature Description
string NewLine { get; set; }
Encoding Encoding { get; }
IFormatProvider FormatProvider { get; }


The following are methods included in TextWriter.

Signature Description
static TextWriter CreateForType<T>(string filename, Vessel flight = null) Create a text writing stream
void WriteLine()
void Write(string value)
void Write(ulong value)
void Close()
void Write(object value)
void WriteLine(long value)
void WriteLine(string format, object arg0)
void WriteLine(string format)
void WriteLine(decimal value)
void WriteLine(bool value)
void WriteLine(char value)
void WriteLine(double value)
void Write(char[] buffer)
void WriteLine(char[] buffer, int index, int count)
void Flush()
void Write(double value)
void Write(decimal value)
void Write(string format, object arg0, object arg1)
void Write(uint value)
void Write(int value)
void Write(string format, object arg0, object arg1, object arg2)
void WriteLine(ulong value)
void WriteLine(object value)
void Write(char[] buffer, int index, int count)
void WriteLine(string format, object arg0, object arg1)
void WriteLine(float value)
void WriteLine(string format, object arg0, object arg1, object arg2)
void Write(float value)
void Write(char value)
void WriteLine(char[] buffer)
void WriteLine(string value)
void Write(string format)
void Write(bool value)
void WriteLine(uint value)
void Dispose()
void WriteLine(int value)
void Write(long value)
void Write(string format, object arg0)