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Cargo parts describe parts and items that can be inserted into the SEQ-3 Cargo Storage Unit, SEQ-24 Cargo Storage Unit, SEQ-3C Conformal Storage Unit, SEQ-9 Container Module, or kerbal inventory slots

cargo items

Cargo items are items that can be inserted into Cargo Storage Units and be used by engineer kerbals to do various tasks. While these items can be dropped into the world using EVA construction they cannot be attached to rockets.

Image Name Mass (t) Packed volume (L) Stack capacity
EVA Experiments Kit 0.015 5.0 4
EVA Fuel Cylinders 0.02 15.0 1
EVA Jetpack 0.020 17.0 1
EVA Repair Kit 0.005 5.0 4
EVA Parachute 0.004 10 1
Work Lamp (small) 0.002 20 2
Work Lamp (stand) 0.003 40 1