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Hello, this is my subpage. --Dmitri 152 (talk) 09:40, 16 March 2017 (UTC)

Here is an instruction on how to beat the career mode in just 6 missions. Walkthrough

Mission 1: Using the Flea Solid rocket booster, jump to shores splashed collect all available science (up to Mystery goo). Coplete first 2 contracts: launch vessel+collect science from Kerbin.

Mission 2: Upgrade Astronaut Complex. Unlock (Barometer/Thermometer/EVA). Using Swivel engine, reach space and outer space (>250km Ap). Collecting all available science (up to Barometer/Thermometer/EVA). Complete Reach space assignment. Land in "water splashed" situation, collect all science.

Mission 3: Unlock Science Junior. Using Terrier and some boosters, reach equatorial orbit. Increase AP to >250km. Complete Science from Space around Kerbin and reach orbit assignments. Collecting as many EVA's as possible. Collect Material study from higher space. Land in a Biome other than Water or Shores (Ex. grasslands/deserts/highlands/mountains etc.). Collect all available science

Mission 4: Upgrade R&D. Unlock basic jet engine, wheels, without ever taking off, using a scientist, explore all KSP related Biomes, and collect experiments up to surface sample.

Mission 5: Unlock Seismometer. Using Mainsail and Terrier, get to Minmus. Using Terrier land in Every Biome collecting science. Complete 3 assignments: Science from surface and space of Minmus, Plant Flag on Minmus. Return to base.

Mission 6. Unlock Gravity detector and Nuclear Engines. Using Boosters, LF and Nuclear engines get to Mun. Using Droptanks/asparagus and Nuclear engines, explore as many Biomes as you can. Complete 3 assignments: Science from surface and space of Minmus, Plant Flag on Minmus. RTB, Unlock and upgrade everything