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This is a list of predefined FX definitions for use in part.cfg files. They can be used in two ways:

  1. For parts which use ModuleEngines (e.g. most stock rocket engines, older mod engines), an FX definition has a position and orientation, and can be "attached" to various engine events (e.g. engage, running, disengage, flameout). See the RT-5 booster configuration for an example of this kind of usage.
  2. For parts which use ModuleEnginesFX (e.g. most stock jet engines, newer mod engines), an EFFECTS{} node has sub-nodes for those engine events, and those sub-nodes in turn may have PREFAB_PARTICLE{} nodes which include a "prefabName" from from the following list (as well as orientation, speed, and other control parameters). See the Kickback booster configuration for an example of this type of usage.

The predefined FX names are:

  • fx_exhaustFlame_blue
  • fx_exhaustFlame_blue_small
  • fx_exhaustFlame_white_tiny
  • fx_exhaustFlame_yellow
  • fx_exhaustFlame_yellow_small
  • fx_exhaustFlame_yellow_tiny
  • fx_exhaustLight_blue
  • fx_exhaustLight_yellow
  • fx_exhaustSparks_flameout
  • fx_exhaustSparks_yellow
  • fx_gasBurst_white
  • fx_gasJet_tiny
  • fx_gasJet_white
  • fx_smokeTrail_light
  • fx_smokeTrail_medium