Freedom 7 (Mercury-Redstone 3)

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Note: This tutorial is not finished yet

Freedom 7 (Mercury-Redstone 3)

Freedom 7 (also known as Mercury-Redstone 3) was the first United States human space flight, on May 5, 1961, piloted by astronaut Alan Shepard. It was the first manned flight of Project Mercury, the objective of which was to put an astronaut into orbit around the Earth and return him safely. Shepard named his capsule Freedom 7, setting a precedent for the remaining six Mercury astronauts naming their spacecraft. The number 7 was included in the spacecraft name to honor NASA's first group of seven astronauts.


  • Length: 20 to 30 minutes
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • For version: Every version


Step 1 -

Step 2 -

Step 3 -

Finishing word

Tada! Now you know how to recreate the Freedom 7 mission!! Congratulations!