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This article is about the generic part. For the specific part, see Fuel Cell.

A fuel cell converts liquid fuel and oxidizer into electric charge. While the fuel cell is a simple way to generate electricity, its consumption of valuable fuel makes it a poor choice for long-duration flights that are dependent on specific fuel levels. The fuel cell is best used for short flights that require a recharge of energy about halfway through the flight when other means of electricity generation are not available. It can also be used when the fuel is replenished by a converter. This provides practically infinite electric charge as the fuel is infinite.


The fuel cells can be activated by clicking on the button by the Start Fuel Cell label appearing in the popping up menu by clicking on the part. Deactivation goes same way, just the label shows Stop Fuel Cell as the cell is activated. Naturally, these actions can be fulfilled using the action groups too. Leaving the fuel cells in activated mode is not so dangerous as it seems - they will suspend the conversion as the batteries are filled up to 95%.

The available fuel cells on the game:

Image Part Radial size Cost
Max. Temp.
Electricity per mass
Fuel consumption
(Units of fuel/s)
Fuel Cell Radial mounted 750 0.05 2 000 7 50 1.50 30.0 0.0016875 LF
0.0020625 Ox
Fuel Cell Array Radial mounted 4 500 0.24 2 000 7 50 18.00 75.0 0.02025 LF
0.02475 Ox