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So the Kerbicans and Kerbiets are fighting.

But one day,someone found the island of stability somewhere near 1000 due to it floating around in LKO and fell to his house due to orbital decay while not getting burnt or melted!

He named the element 1000 Kal(Kalcium?KAluminium?We don't know.).

Scientists found out that it could generate a time warp field remotely if given an AC signal.

Further research proved that negatively warped engines "consume" fuel,give out a dim plume of plasma which temperature is absolute zero,but do not generate any thrust.

The Kerbicans and Kerbiets decided to stop fighting and built a Space Center for studying the use of Kal matter named the KSC.

(Tip:Must do breaking ground DLC and making history DLC is recommended.If you do not have that many money to buy the DLC,use pcstory+steamtools.)

Rocket testing

The Kermen wanted to test their existing rocket building and driving skills.


Length: 20 minutes

Difficulty: 0-10 (beginner)


Basic controls

Basic rocket design

  • The Kermen are not confident about their skills so must be Unmanned
  • The Kermen love fireworks and have found out ways to make cheap rocket parts so it should be as big as possible and have a very small parachute for decoration.
  • Drive it towards the mountains on the west of the KSC due to the kerbals living there complain about Mountains blocking their path and someone dumb and old had started a plan to dig that mountain away.Help them.
  • Bonus points for bigger explosion and/or a warhead on BDA.The Kermen are tired about war and want to denotonate any existing copies of their missiles at a safe place.

The first KAL powered probe

Skills and Difficulty:Same as above

  • Make a liquid engine powered rocket.
  • An Ant engine on the top,instead of a parachute.
  • Unmanned lest you worry about the bad driving skills and the absence of SAS.
  • Use KAL overclocking to make the Ant engine's Throttle to be something bigger that a million and its Thrust Limit to be something smaller that negative million.
  • Use KAL overclocking to edit the Spark engine's Thrust limit so the TWR on Mechjeb(yes you need an AR202 case) is something near 10.
  • Escape trajectory from Kerbol
  • Rocket should have a 0.625m unmanned OKTO core and an Oscar fueltank and a Spark on the bottom
  • Small Reaction wheels and some fuel cells placed radially symmetric