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The Kerbal Space Program Wiki makes use of automated editing programs in order to perform mass edits efficiently and without spamming of edit logs. These programs are referred to as bots and are carefully controlled.

Tasks that may be performed by bots

  • Enforcing the Manual of Style.
  • Replacing page links (if a page is moved or deleted)
  • Fixing redirects
  • Crushing images (fulfilled by RoboJeb)
  • Checking external links

Other helpful editing systems may be allowed with discussion.


All bots must:

  • Have been tested in advance in a sandbox
  • Have a {{BlockBotButton|owner=~~~}} somewhere on their user page
    • The BlockBotButton must have the ownership field filled out with the username of the owner.
  • Have a description of their jobs on their user page
  • Be marked with a bot account flag (talk to User:N3X15)