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After the recent update of the MediaWiki software to 1.24.2 some problems have been introduced and not addressed yet - but please don't annoy Squad employees.

Current status

Apparently these issues are due to the fact that the wiki currently resides on a temporary server. Unfortunately the person employed by Squad (aLeXmOrA) left over a year ago and thus it's unknown when these issues will be fixed. It was originally planned to move the wiki back onto a permanent server and with that move these issues here should be resolved. As soon as more information comes available this section will be updated.


File namespace (SVG to PNG conversion)

There were previously several problems with the File namespace: uploading and moving files was impossible, and images would fail to display except in resolutions that had been used previously. These problems have been mostly fixed, however, the Mediawiki software still fails to convert .svg images into .png thumbnails, displaying the following error:

Error creating thumbnail: /bin/bash: rsvg-convert: command not found

As seen in action below from [[File:Image_needed.svg|91px]]

Error creating thumbnail: /bin/bash: rsvg-convert: command not found

Upload new file

The ability to upload files is working for new files just fine, but if you try to upload a new version of a file, it gives the following error:

Upload error

  • Could not read or write file "mwstore://local-backend/local-public/5/5d/TinyKerbin.png" due to insufficient permissions or missing directories/containers.
  • Could not store file "/tmp/phpg9bLeI" at "mwstore://local-backend/local-public/5/5d/TinyKerbin.png".

I tested around with this and noticed that if you are the uploader of the first image it works just fine. It only gives the above error when youre not the original uploader.

(fixed) Math tag

Previously a <math>-tag could be used to nicely print formulas using TeX but since the update an error appears: Original source: <math>y = x^3</math>

Update 04-17-2018: Math tags are working again.

Job queue

There seems to be an issue with the job queue not running.

The number of jobs doesn't seem to be counting down as it should be. Subtle things seem to not catch up properly, such as category membership and "what links here". It's not something that will be immediately noticed in terms of viewing the site, as it doesn't block every category update, or every update of "what links here", just things which only ever occur as a background task and will never get triggered via other mechanisms. It is stuck at "jobs": 5662 at the time of posting this issue, and has not changed for a good 5–10 minutes, where the expected behaviour is that it should be steadily counting downwards (except when an edit causes new tasks to be added to the queue). It's not an issue of the API page getting cached, as "views" is correctly updating with every reload of that URL.

Vector extension

According to Special:Version, the discontinued Vector extension is still installed. There are not any obvious specific issues caused by this, but it is an invalid configuration for MediaWiki 1.24.2, and could easily be responsible for odd behaviour somewhere. A fresh install of 1.24.2 does not include it, and the official docs say that it should have been uninstalled. mw:MediaWiki 1.22#Upgrades to Vector and other skins:

If you were previously using the Vector extension, you must uninstall it (the extension, not the skin) before upgrading to 1.22.

Prior to uninstalling the discontinued extension, it would be prudent to do a quick check to confirm that the installed Vector skin is actually fully up to date with the version supplied as part of 1.24.2 (which includes all of the functionality previously supplied by the extension, either in the MW core or in the skin).

The ExpandTemplates extension should also be uninstalled, as it was merged into the MediaWiki core in 1.23. This is less likely to be responsible for visible problems, as it is just a diagnostic/development tool; but bad practice all the same to keep the outdated extension around after it has been merged into the core, and may break something.

Forum links

The forum got updated, and thread numbers have changed. The new forum will convert old links (such as those created by the "thread:" link tool), but because thread links use the old style (and will thus get converted), you can't use thread links unless you have the old thread number. For example, the example thread link on the guidelines page was number 12406 on the old forum, which is converted to 12377 on the new forum. A link to thread:12377 gets converted to thread number 12348, which does not exist.

Also, blog and article links will just resolve to the forum main page. (Bug links still work.)


These problems can only be fixed by someone who has administrative access to the server this software is running on, which are only Squad employees. Sysops like me (XZise) have no access to the server itself but just via this software interface.

If you find technical issues other than these please contact XZise or create a new topic in the talk page.