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Want a page moved? Put the move template on the page: {{move|NewPageName|reason}}

Does the page have thousands of links to it which would be really annoying to update? Request it to be moved here so RoboJeb can fix the links.

Why not request every page here?

I have to manually add the move to an array in RoboJeb's code.

User:N3X15, on the talk page


From To Why


From To Why
Illuminator mk1 Illuminator Mk1 Incorrect caps
Illuminator mk2 Illuminator Mk2 Incorrect caps
OX-STAT Photovoltaic panels OX-STAT Photovoltaic Panels Incorrect caps
OX-STAT Photovolatic panels/Box OX-STAT Photovoltaic Panels/Box Incorrect caps and spelling
TT-38K Radial Decoupler (Flat) Hydraulic Detachment Manifold Renamed in version 0.17
OX-4B Photovoltaic Panels OX-4L 1x6 Photovoltaic Panels Renamed in v0.20
OX-4 Photovoltaic Panels OX-4W 2x3 Photovoltaic Panels Renamed in v0.20