Mahi Mahi Launch Site

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The Mahi Mahi Launch Site is one of the discoverable launch sites introduced in 1.12. Its Location is Lat: -49.802495 and Long: -120.765901.

Like other 1.12 launch sites, it consists of a launch pad with a ramp, a water tower, and two sets of triple tanks.

The Name of the Launch Site is a reference to Rocketlab's Mahia Launch Complex in New Zealand

A plane flying over the Mahi Mahi Launch Site.

Launching from Mahi Mahi

You can only launch from Mahi Mahi if you enable Allow other Launchsites in the Difficulty Settings. When enabled you can launch a rocket from the VAB via the dropdown menu under the Launch button. When you hover over it, a menu appears with available launch sites. Select the arrow next to Dessert Launch Site to launch from there.

Dropdown launch button
Launch button
How to select a launch site