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A Probe Control Point is a specific vessel which allows you to control a probe without any connection to the KSC.


In order to use a vessel as such a control point, some requirements need to be fulfilled:

Probe control point

  • Command module capable to function as Probe Control Point
  • At least 1 Pilot on board (depends on the Command module, see table below)
  • Relay Antenna

Remote ship

  • A probe or command pod with the "remote pilot assist available" feature
  • If it's a command pod, a capable kerbal (scientist or engineer) must be aboard
  • Any antenna to establish the CommNet link

Pilot requirement and comm range

The following table lists all Command modules which can be used to build a Probe Control Point, the required number of Pilots on board and whether it is possible to use additional relay satellites to establish a connection with the probe (Multi-Hop) or just a direct connection can be used (Single-Hop):

Command module Required Pilot(s) Link Type
RC-001S Remote Guidance Unit 1 Single-Hop
RC-L01 Remote Guidance Unit 1 Multi-Hop
Mk1-3 Command Pod 2 Single-Hop
Mk2 Lander Can 2 Single-Hop
Munar Excursion Module (Making History) 2 Single-Hop

A connection will be automatically established as soon as the probe gets within range of the Probe Control Point. The remote ship will have a "remote control" icon in the Telemetry window.

While probes will automatically gain control, command pods need to have a capable kerbal (scientist or engineer, not a tourist) in order to gain the ability to create maneuver nodes. SAS is not transmitted, you need to have a probe core with SAS capabilities on the remote ship.


Remote control of tiny rovers with a weak/no antenna

Tiny antennae are cheaper and lighter than their long range counterpart. This allows the contruction of very light rovers to explore dangerous or far landscapes.

Help a lost probe or ship to set a maneuver node

Be your own space center to orient lost probes by giving them instructions! With a relay satellite cluster and a single piloted RC-L01 Remote Guidance Unit your can control everything within the relay range!