Qeg System

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Roadmap showing "new star system to be revealed"

The Qeg System is a star system that will be added in KSP2. The name of the system was not officially announced, but discovered in the game's files by u/DartFrogYT on Reddit, along with the Tuun System.

The system moves in a lemniscate (similar to a figure-eight) style configuration with a radius of 2.1 units. The system is offset by -7.0 X axis and 5.0 Z axis units from Kerbol, making it the most distant of the other star systems, and roughly analogous in position to Sirius.

A list of celestial bodies found in the game code lists Skut, a small asteroid, as the only object in the Qeg system. This could mean that either the list is very incomplete, or that Qeg is not a main sequence star but instead a smaller object such as a rogue planet or stellar remnant. If so, it is likely orbiting the Tuun System.