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The section about the Science Transmission seems to be plain wrong. From a discussion on the forums:

O.K. From what I've seen in a quick test it seems that the wiki is plain wrong. Signal strength does have an effect on how much science is transmitted: at 100% signal strength you get that 40% bonus, at a lower signal strength (through a relay or whatever) this bonus is reduce by the signal strength. The scaling is approximately linear for high (>50%????) signal strengths but falls steeply for low signal strengths. (At 38% I didn't get any bonus anymore.) Another fun fact is that in my simple test the CommNet preferred to take the direct connection even if the signal strength would be better when going through the relay. (I.e. I got better signal strength by going into the shadow of the Mun.)

AHHans (talk) 20:38, 13 January 2020 (UTC)