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Adds the page to the Category:Check version and Category:Check version/{{{1}}} to check in a future version if this feature/bug is still missing/existing. Either set the first or the second parameter. When the first parameter is set, it will also show the version number.

  • Show the version number in the text: {{Check version|version number}}
  • Hide the version number in the text: {{Check version||version number}}

An optional parameter named d determines if this is a fact which references to the future, when set to f, (e.g. In version {{Check version||d=f}} the unicorn won't crash after 42 seconds) or the past/present, which is the default or when set to p, (e.g. Currently {{Check version|||d=p}} the unicorn won't crash after 42 seconds).

Articles with outdated informations will be automatically added to Category:Unchecked version. Every article gets categorised in Category:Check version/version number. When creating a new subcategory only add {{Check version/Cat|version number}} to it.

This template shouldn't be used too often, because after every new version almost all entries need to be updated. For example in articles statements about themselves don't need to be marked with this template. It will most likely be updated anyway when someone tries to update that article, because it was modified in an update.