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An language specific to the FormatNum extension. Uses a &thinsp; (thin space) as thousand separator and a decimal seperator depending on the language (see {{DS}}). It also places the number in a <span> with the CSS property white-space set to nowrap to avoid line breaks.

According to ISO 31-0 (and in German also DIN 1333, 5008) a space should be used as a thousand separator to avoid confusion with the decimal separator. This templates uses the Unicode 820110 (or 200916) which is a thin space.

To format a number without the <span>, for example in tool tips, use the following code: {{#formatnum:NUMBER|NUMBER OF DECIMAL PLACES|{{DS}}|t}}


# Optional Description Default
1 No Number to be formatted
2 Yes Number of decimal places. 0

See also

  • {{Formatnum/SortCell}} automatically adds the data-sort-value and then calls this template