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Although this appears to be a infobox part module, it shouldn't be used for sensors and experiments because the data given here depend on the scientific experiment and not on the part (the part simply chooses which scientific experiment it can conduct).

Don't delete this, because it might be used as a infobox for the experiments themselves.

Value (base) 10
(maximum) 12
Data scale 1
Transmission efficiency 30 %

{{Infobox/Part}} module for experiments like environmental sensors. This template does not support the enhancements generated by labs because those are specific for a lab.

Name Optional Description Default
base value No Base value of the experiment.
maximum value Yes Maximum value of the experiment. Doesn't need to be set if the same as the base value. Not set/Hidden
data scale No Data scale of the experiment.
efficiency No Transmission efficiency value of the experiment given as a value between 0 and 1 (= 100%).