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Density 5 kg/l
Transferable Yes
Flow mode Invalid flow mode
Cost 0.8 Funds/l
0.16 Funds/kg
Since version Unknown
Infobox for resources.


Name Optional Description Default
name Yes Name of the resource. {{BASEPAGENAME}}
file Yes Image of the resource. Not shown (none)
file desc Yes Description of the image. Not shown (Hidden)
density No Density of the resource in kg/{{{unit}}}. Allows 0 for None and without unit.
transfer Yes If this resource is transferable. Allows N for {{No}} and shows {{Yes}} for every other value. Yes
flow No The flow mode of the resource.
cost No Cost per unit of the resource. Allows 0 for None and without unit. Also calculates costs per mass if density and cost are both not zero.
since Yes The introduction of this resource. If not set shows the value unknown. Not set (Unknown)
unit Yes The unit of volume for the density. l

Flow modes

Code Type Description
a Adjacent Resources will only flow between adjacent sources and sinks, meaning that tanks can be drained unevenly.
e Everywhere The resource is always available to all parts structurally connected to the vessel, and the same amount of resources is drained from every container.
i Internal The resource can only be used by the part containing it.
n None The resource won't be pumped automatically but can be manually transferred.