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Links to https://kerbal-maps.finitemonkeys.org. Although the first and second parameter have a default value they are only to avoid invalid links. Uses the API documented in Kerbal Maps: Web maps of all bodies. thread by saik0.

#/Name Optional Description
1 × No Latitude. Positive is north, negative is south.
2 × No Longitude. Positive is east, negative is west.
3 ✓ Yes Name of the celestial body. Default: Kerbin
text ✓ Yes Link text shown. If set to C it'll show the coordinate using {{Infobox/Location/Coordinate}}. Default: Map
m ✓ Yes Text for the marker. If set to X it won't show a marker at all. Needs to be a URL encoded string. Default: Not set/Empty text
o ✓ Yes Comma separated overlays; possible values are: spacecenters, anomalies, poi. Default: Not set/Empty text
z ✓ Yes Zoom level from 0 to 5 or fit. Default: 5 if {{{m}}} is set to X