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This template is copied from English Wikipedia named Template:Key press. It allows up to 10 keystrokes.

All links are linking to the English Wikipedia instead to this wiki. It supports the same special key values as the version on the English Wikipedia. For this wiki the following values have been added:

  • {{Key press|Mod}}Mod
  • {{Key press|[[Mod]]}}Mod
  • {{Key press|[[Mod/]]}}Mod (automatically links to the specific language)
  • {{Key press|Modifier}}Modifier
  • {{Key press|[[Modifier]]}}Modifier
  • {{Key press|[[Modifier/]]}}Modifier (automatically links to the specific language)
  • {{Key press|r shift key}}, {{Key press|r level 2 key}} Right
  • {{Key press|r second level}}, {{Key press|r 2nd level}}, {{Key press|r level 2 select}}, {{Key press|r level 2 selector}}, {{Key press|r level 2}} Right Level 2
  • {{Key press|r shift}} Right Shift
  • {{Key press|[[r shift key|shift]]}} Right Shift
  • {{Key press|l shift key}}, {{Key press|l level 2 key}} Left
  • {{Key press|l second level}}, {{Key press|l 2nd level}}, {{Key press|l level 2 select}}, {{Key press|l level 2 selector}}, {{Key press|l level 2}} Left Level 2
  • {{Key press|l shift}} Left Shift
  • {{Key press|[[l shift key|shift]]}} Left Shift
  • {{Key press|r ctrl}}^ Right Ctrl
  • {{Key press|[[r ctrl key]]}}^ Right Ctrl
  • {{Key press|l ctrl}}^ Left Ctrl
  • {{Key press|[[l ctrl key]]}}^ Left Ctrl

It uses, like the original version, the metatemplate {{Key press/core}}.