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This template calculates the velocity of an orbit. To calculate further with the orbit's velocity use {{OrbitVelocity/Core}}.


#/Name Optional Description
period or 1 × No Period of the orbit in seconds
mass or 2 × No Mass of central body in kilograms
factor or f ✓ Yes Factor in which the velocity should be shown. Available values: None (m/s), k (km/s), M (Mm/s), G (Gm/s). Default: None
body or b ✓ Yes Uses the sidereal rotation period and mass as default from the given body. Can be overwritten. Default: Not set (makes the first two parameters mandatory)
period factor or pf ✓ Yes Multiplies the period with this value. Useful to easily calculate semi-synchronous orbits (pf=1/2 then). Default: 1


Usage Produces
{{OrbitVelocity | period=64980 | mass=4.515e21}}
307.72 m/s
{{OrbitVelocity | 64980 | 4.515e21}}
307.72 m/s
{{OrbitVelocity | 64980 | 4.515e21 | f=k}}
0.31 km/s
{{OrbitVelocity | 64980 | 4.515e21 | pf=1/2}}
387.70 m/s
{{OrbitVelocity | b=Kerbin}}
1 009.81 m/s