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Documentation for Outdated

Used to denote articles that are outdated and in need of updating. An article marked with this template will be categorised into Category:Update requests when added in the main (article) namespace. To add a bullet pointed comment add a newline before the first bullet point:

* This is problem one
* This is problem two

It is for:

  • The specific language pages, whose English page gets a major change during expanding, version updates, etc. The ones noticing that may not be able to edit it, but they can add this template to remind users of that language to update.
  • Any page that should be updated to keep it up to date. (It's not necessary to mark some important pages, like version history, as they will soon be completed by many users after version updates.)

It is not for:

  • Unfinished (but up to date) pages. If a page is simply under construction, use {{Stub}} instead.