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Use {{pad}} to insert a horizontally padding HTML span inline. The template takes one unnamed parameter; a width value specified in px, em or ex (other CSS units – in, cm, pc, pt – are supported as well, but not recommended, typically at 96dpi conversion ratio). The default is 1 em.

The result is the specified padding followed by an   (non-breaking space – at 100% font size (8pt), typically 3px wide in narrow fonts like Arial and Tahoma, 4px in wider fonts like Arial Black and Verdana).


Indenting by 50 pixels plus an   (53px in Arial):

  • Indenting 50px causes<br />{{pad|50px}}this amount of space.


  • Indenting 50px causes
     this amount of space.

Width of a typical year-range in Arial font (4.8em plus an &nbsp;):

  • 1492–1540 Exploration by<br />{{pad|4.8em}}Columbus & others.


  • 1492–1540 Exploration by
     Columbus & others.

However, some digits require less space:

  • 1111–1117 Exploration by<br />{{pad|4.4em}}Explorer Bob.


  • 1111–1117 Exploration by
     Explorer Bob.

Spacing is, of course, different between fonts, too:

Note: 1em is typically 11.2px at 100% font size (8 point), 21.3px at 200% font size (16 point), and 32px at 300% font size (24pt).