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Welcome, fellow Kerbals... Behold the TRIVIA STASH, more commonly referred to as the Trivia page of our KSP wiki!

Here, You can find all of the most interesting facts and tips referring to Squad's MASTERPIECE.

The Kerbol System

Let's go big! The Kerbol System is the current greatest structure in KSP, housing the bodies of the game. So...

  • There is a "Landed at Sun" status available...
  • The Kerbolar system is not to scale relative to rocket parts.


All that You can hit and isn't terrain! So, what's so interesting?

  • The old airfield is one structure!
  • The Mohole is the actual opposite pole biome... So the Southern Mohole is the Northern Pole and vice versa...
  • Asteroids are actually procedurally generated PARTS! Find the PotatoRoid file in Your KSP directory. It is an asteroid part. Add it to a part pack, for example Utility. It will be a medium sized space rock! Cool, right!


The buggier, the better! Some ancient KSP versions were utter bags of bugs... Sorry.

  • There was once a second KSC on the Mun.
  • The Krakensbane update created the DSCthulu, a malformed DSKraken!


Worship them! They are what can explode!

  • Each part has an interesting ExplosionPotential value. It is usually 0.5…
  • The RCS is the only part with infinite TWR, becaues it is massless.


Dangerous? Definetely fun!

  • The first fully documented Kraken is the Intercontinental Kraken, because it is caused by Floating Point Errors, and was "available" from the very first versions of the game.