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1. Approach Vector Fly to the old KSC island, walk to the side of the ISLAND (not just old KSC) Plant a flag titled "Initial Approach" Then fly back to KSC (the regular one) and stand between the lights at the ocean end of the runway. Then, face toward the ocean and walk forward for two seconds. Then, plant a flag titled "Final Approach". When preparing to land, set "Initial Approach" as target. Then line up your plane horizontally with the target node. Do not aim directly for it, for obvious reasons. When you are lined up with it, angle the nose down about 10 degrees. When you are close to being above it, switch your target to "Final Approach". At this point, it is okay to switch SAS to target mode, however keep the angle of attack to about 5 degrees nose down. When you are directly above it (altitude should be about 90 m) disregard all information indicating where the target is, as you will not have time to unset target. Bring your craft in to land with the angle of attack above 5 degrees, but below 0.