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This tutorial will show you the easiest way to land on the Mun and come back. This does not require gravity assist, docking, etc.

The Mun. If you do not see this sometime during the flight, you did it wrong.

Step 1: Build Rocket

The first thing you need is a rocket. This will be a modified Kerbal X. First, load the Kerbal X. Delete the parachute, fins, radial decouplers, and radial boosters. We will delete the capsule later, but you need it on to edit. Place 8 TT-70 Radial Decouplers near the middle of the first stage. Add 8 S1 SRB-KD25k "Kickback" Solid Fuel Boosters on the decouplers. Place Aerodynamic Nose Cones on the boosters. Turn off Symmetry Mode. Now delete the capsule and get a Mk1 Command Pod. The rest of the rocket will turn red. Set it aside. Add a Mk16 Parachute. Now place a FL-T800 Fuel Tank below the capsule and add a T-1 Toroidal Aerospike "Dart" Liquid Fuel Engine below that. Place a TR-18D Stack Separator under that. Add a C7 Brand Adapter - 2.5m to 1.25m under that and connect the rest of the rocket. Add 8 Stratus-V Cylindrified Monopropellant Tanks anywhere on the final stage. Place 4 O-10 "Puff" MonoPropellant Fuel Engines on the same stage and add 4 LT-2 Landing Struts on Cubic Octagonal Struts just above the aerospike. Retract the landing struts, and you're finished!

Step 2: Staging

Direct your attention to the staging controls on the right side of the screen. The first stage should be the RE-M3 "Mainsail" Liquid Engine and the S1 SRB-KD25k "Kickback" Solid Fuel Boosters. Then the TT-70 Radial Decouplers. Then the Rockomax Brand Decoupler. The second should be the RE-L10 "Poodle" Liquid Fuel Engine. Then the TR-18D Stack Separator. The third stage should be the T-1 Toroidal Aerospike "Dart" Liquid Fuel Engine and the O-10 "Puff" MonoPropellant Fuel Engines. FInal stage is the Mk16 parachute.

Step 3: Launch Prep

Now that you have a rocket, select Launch. On the launchpad, hold ↓ so you can see the sky but not the rocket. Time warp until the Mun is full and on the left side of the screen. Activate Stability Assist (SAS). Throttle up, and launch!

Step 4: Navigation

Try too keep the marker on the white dot on top of the Navball. When the S1 SRB-KD25k "Kickback" Solid Fuel Boosters run out, decouple them. After the RE-M3 "Mainsail" Liquid Engine runs out, decouple that stage and activate stage 2. Switch to the orbit map and activate Navball Frame. Watch until "Mun Periapsis" appears. There should be a miniature orange Mun. Adjust your burn until the orange line intersects (or nearly intersects) with the Mun. When you are satisfied, warp to "Mun Encounter". Switch back to Staging Mode. Separate stage 2, even if there is some fuel left.

Step 5: Mun Landing

Turn the ship until the bottom is facing the Mun. Extend the landing struts. Warp to about 1,000,000 m, or 1000 M. Try to keep both "Vert Speed" (near top) and delta-V (near Navball) to a minimum. Quicksave as often as possible, as this may take a few tries. When you are at about 5,000 m, slow both speeds to almost zero. Angle the lander with the land, and cut engine immediately. One small step for Kerbal, one giant leap for Kerbalkind!

Step 6: Return

Once you have planted a flag and have jumped around to your heart's content, switch to Orbit Map. Warp time until the side of the Mun your lander is on is facing Kerbin. Burn all remaining fuel. Once you have taken off, retract landing legs and warp near Kerbin. After reentry, deploy parachute. Assuming you land in water, congratulations on your first Mun landing!