Tutorial:Setting up a CommNet system

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Setting up a CommNet system

With the addition of CommNet, you need a system of relays to connect back to the KSC. Here's how to set up a constellation of satellites to ensure complete coverage.

Creating a satellite

  • Start with an RC-001S probe core
  • Underneath, add a reaction wheel and a few z-1k battery banks
  • Add some Gigantor-XL solar panels around the outside. Three panels is enough for near Kerbin, but you'll need more if you go farther out.
  • Add a relay satellite on the top (RA-2, RA-15, or RA-100, depending on range)
  • Done!

Triangle orbit

A triangle orbit will be the main orbit used in the constellations. It consists of three co-orbital satellites, 120 degrees apart. The orbital altitude must be greater than the radius of the body you are orbiting.


Each system needs its own constellation.

Kerbol (Sun)

A set of six evenly space relays at around 4,000,000km. A set of twelve evenly spaced relays at around 25,000,000km. A set of 24 evenly spaced satellites at around 50,000,000km. Use RA-100 relays. These relays are for connecting with deep space probes. You may omit the third ring but deep space coverage in the outer system may be a bit spotty.


Equatorial triangle orbit above 250km. Polar triangle orbit above 250km. Use RA-2 relays.

Eve and Gilly


Equatorial triangle orbit above 700km. Polar triangle orbit above 700km. Use RA-2 relays.


Equatorial triangle orbit above 13km. Polar triangle orbit above 13km. Use RA-2 relays.

Kerbin system


Equatorial triangle orbit above 600km. Polar triangle orbit above 600km. A second equatorial triangle orbit at around 60,000km. Use RA-2 relays.


Polar triangle orbit above 200km. Use RA-2 relays.


Polar triangle orbit above 60km. Use RA-2 relays.

Duna and Ike


Equatorial triangle orbit above 320km. Polar triangle orbit above 320km. Use RA-2 relays.


Equatorial triangle orbit above 130km. Polar triangle orbit above 130km. Use RA-2 relays.


Equatorial triangle orbit above 138km. Use RA-15 relays. Polar triangle orbit above 138km. Use RA-2 relays.

Jool system


Equatorial triangle orbit above 6,000km. Polar orbit above 6,000km. Use RA-2 relays. A second equatorial triangle orbit at around 300,000km. Use RA-100 relays.


Polar triangle orbit. Altitude depends on moon (500km for Laythe, 300km for Vall, 600km for Tylo, 65km for Bop and 44km for Pol). Use RA-2 relays.


Equatorial triangle orbit above 210km. Use RA-100 relays. Polar triangle orbit above 210km. Use RA-2 relays.

Final word

With a 2G antenna on probe, this should give you complete coverage within planetary spheres of influence. Deep space coverage may not be perfect. With a 15G antenna, you get much better deep space coverage. Adding additional relay rings around Kerbol should also help with coverage.