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Newer wiki user and player, but I have >800 hours in KSP since 4th Jul '16 and going to (and returning from) every body except Bop, Pol and Vall (even including Dres) means I normally get what people are on about. Even so, the only time I have ever used this fancy "asparagus staging" thing is on the Eve lander and normally settle for blasting into orbit with loads of KD25 "Solid Rooster Bockets"-maybe this "POWEEEEEER" approach has something to do with the fact that my main Kerbin station looked like the ISS after a Kraken attack-a jumble of docking ports, modules and solar panels at all sorts of drunken, twisted angles before it was Kesslerised by an errant 200-year-old piece of debris from my first successful Minmus mission, the SV Minty Taster RS2. Don't ask what happened to the RS1. Really, don't.

If I see something that irks me and is easy enough to fix (out-of-date info, grammar etc.) or is missing entirely (not always so easy to fix) then I will generally try to correct it, whatever it is.