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Thanks admins many times for allowing me to propose this silly off-business page-costing work on Wiki! To express my appreciation I must devote rest of my life to this Wiki! (Well, maybe not SO long...)

This is a branched story and that's why it's on Wiki instead of Forum. It will use about 40 pages and the longest line has about 18 pages. As it has different story lines, your choices will lead you into different experiences and one out of the six endings.

As for the story itself, it's a HARD sci-fi, although some stuffs are not so hard. Almost all things in this story are thought twice and with simple mathematical calculations if necessary. While there may still be some unrealistic things due to my limited knowledge, please point out if you find one. And, I intentionally avoid the description of unproved theories like Warp Drive.

By the way, as is hard Kerbals are sexual reproductive. Because it's hard to imagine how could an asexual species evolve to such a high level. As I've said, I follow the most appropriate rules rather than other's.

All in all, thanks to everyone. ——Cesrate (talk)