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Insane infrastructure integrator!

I'm not much of a pilot. I can do it, but it's a strain, and KSP is really all about piloting. I keep looking for ways to make it easier, such as stable airplanes and fitting Ant engines to my giant rockets for precision control. I'm also very thankful for manouver nodes and focusing on the target. I started playing in 1.8; wouldn't have been happy before manouver nodes.

Did I mention giant rockets? I once made a lander so big, that when I put it on the launchpad to test it, the physics engine couldn't hold it still! It was better with the rigid attachment option, but that feels like cheating. I build giant wheeled vehicles too. My best so far has 14 seats although I say they're comfortable cabins and workspaces for the 4 crew, a drill and convert-o-tron 125, and rocket engines with fuel for 5600m/s. :D Like most of my vehicles, it's still in testing because I'm happier building than piloting, but in this case it's mostly because it's such a complicated vehicle. It works very very well on Minmus.