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New User Blurb

I picked up KSP in JAN 2016, and in Sandbox mode managed to land on and return from the Mun on the stock Kerbal X about two weeks later (24 JAN). It took a few tries a lot of tries and a lucky escape burn that put me in a low enough Kerbin periapsis to slow down after a few orbits and land.

After reading that the stock Kerbal X was not designed to return from there, I was like, uh... OK. Lucky escape burn indeed. It took a few more tries to realize that where you land is just as important as how to take off from there. Several mistakes, more ladders, and more boosters later and I think I might have the basics down.

I do IT for a living and I'm concerned about KSP's file access behaviour on Windows, but the Steam edition's client deals with permissions problems adequately. I'd recommend the Steam edition to anyone who want to play KSP on Windows and still practice safe computing.

Gordonf (talk) 13:51, 28 January 2016 (UTC)

Sandbox link for myself