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I'm Halvuxxodj, as you may know (spelling isn't required; only that the message received is approximately (or close enough to) the message sent.)

I apologize for the strange name; I made it by slamming a keyboard and inserting a few vowels, mixing it up until it looked awesome (which is subjective and I don't expect you to share my definition of awesome (or at least the one I had a long time ago, when I was tired, and had absolutely no time to myself.)

Thus, I have made a pronounciation that seems okay to me: Haulv+MOOSE (without the M)+Hodge (no podge or H). Of course, nothing is perfect (and that's even more true with what I make,) and what goes through your head might not be what goes through mine.

I'm more of a grammar fixer and writing help than an actual knowledge giver, but there's a place for everyone.