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Who is SpaceK?

SpaceK (formerly KASA) is a space exploration group that runs and operates the SKSC (SpaceK Space Center). They are run by many Kerbals, who will be listed at a later date.

Current SpaceK Missions

SpaceK currently has 4 missions active, with 0 Kerbals in space.

  • MOKS-I Uncrewed (Minmus Orbital Kethane Scanner 1)
  • MICS-I (Minmus Image Capturing Satellite 1)
  • KOSS (Kerbin Orbiting Space Station)
  • ExOST (Experimental Orbital Space Telescope)

Past SpaceK Missions

  • MOKS-I Crewed - Ended successfully, bringing three Kerbals from the first Minmus orbit of any craft.
  • Unnamed Station Resupply - Partial success; crew safely transferred to hab module, experimental lander left unmanned. Parachutes failed to deploy, crashed into ocean 5km away from SKSC.
  • RCTV I - Success; Returned crew from previous partial success, and also resupplied entire station of RCS.
  • RCTV II - Success;

Planned SpaceK Missions

  • RCTV III - Resupply for RCS, as well as period for crew to do science.

External Links

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