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Mission Log

This is where I will log the career mode when its made available.

Wish List

Things I would find useful if added to the game:

  • Time deceleration drops to 1x rather than the next step down from any speed greater than 1x. At least selectable in settings.
  • Retention of maneuver nodes when switching to the target ship. That way you don't have to reset the whole thing after adjusting the other ship when you switch back.
  • An event timer that can track multiple events. Preferably able to auto drop any time acceleration to 1x and switch to the ship that has a pending maneuver. This way a space program can have multiple missions in progress, and not accidentally loose Kerbals into deep space.


Click on each image for a synopses of the activity in progress.

Eagle One a.k.a. Katerpiller

The craft in the foreground is inspired by the Eagle craft used in the SPACE 1999 television show. However, I was unable to make the scaffolding work, in game, which was such a signature element to that models design. The original Eagle featured a detachable payload area, usually a crew compartment. The fore and aft sections rigidly supported by scaffolding. This KSP Eagle uses large docking rings to attach payloads. Once the payload has been delivered, The manned command module and the aft propulsion unit can un-dock. Then they can thrust away, leaving the payload behind, with the aft module presumably controlled remotely by the command module. Next the command and aft modules connect directly to reform the complete ship, minus a payload. Finally, the Eagle returns to an orbiting service station, refuels, and is ready for the next payload. It was named the Katerpillar because of all the legs involved, and because K has been added to all the words on Kerbin.

Rover with mobile recovery tower a.k.a Dog House

The Rover with retrieval Dog House is another venture in recoverable vehicles. The wheels are just a few inches higher than the feet of the Dog House, so when undocked, the Rover gently drops to the surface, and drives away. The idea then being the next time the Rover drives under the Dog House, the magnetic attraction docking collar is close enough and strong enough to lift the Rover back onto the docked position, and the Dog House then returns to orbit, or moves to another location. However, in practice, there is an odd bug of sorts. Once docked, the whole vehicle starts an uncontrolled slow summer-salt and reaction wheels and RCS combined can not stop it. Undocking again, leave the Dog House OK, but the Rover continues to tumble. This was tested at the launch pad on Kerbin, and if I leave the pad, and come back, the physics reset and the Rover is OK. However, on the Mun, the game won't let me leave, thinking the Rover is under acceleration.

Modular Base construction

After depositing the expeditionary crew compartments on an off world planetary body, The Eagle One "Katerpillar" returns with the central core module, called the Tower. Now mated to the other module, the Katerpillar prepares to leave.

Orbital refueling

Not satisfied with the fuel economy on this world, I've gone to great expense to provide a long term fuel depot for ships that make orbit, and will travel further. Shown is the first of the beasts to achieve orbit, and alas my ships use the clamp-o-tron docking collar but I mistakenly outfitted the station with Clamp-o-tron Jrs. This requires an adapter to be installed on several docking ports to make the station useful.