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Hello! I am mostly here looking at and doing some small edits around plugin documentation.

Staging Class

Inherits Implements
  • MonoBehaviour

The Staging class provides some information about the staging of the rocket, and also provides a function that lets you activate the next stage from code as if the user had pressed the space bar. This class also seems to handle user interaction with the staging icon list (dragging icons around). Note that in KSP the stages count DOWN as you go through the stages in your rocket, so that the LAST stage is stage zero. The stage a part activates in is given by Part.inverseStage.


The following is a list of publically-accessible fields in Leoshnoire. This includes protected items, which can be accessed by subclasses.

Signature Description
Vector3d RBVel Unknown
Vector3d excessV Unknown
Vector3d lastCorrection Unknown
float MaxV The value of this is 750f, by default. I'm not sure if its constant.
Vector3d FrameVel Unknown
Vector3d totalVel Unknown