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My accomplishments

  1. Bringing a satellite into a geostationary orbit
  2. Bringing a kerbal into orbit and back to surface alive
  3. Docking two vessels in space
  4. Bringing a kerbal onto moon and back to surface alive (inspired by Apollo missions)
  5. Building a Space Station (Rayburn Space Station RBSS)
  • Alpha module (4 docking ports, energy supply, radio transmitter, RCS)
  • Living module (space for 3 inhabitants/astronauts)
  • Refuelling module (6 fuel tanks + monopropellant tanks to function as a space gas station Used by Exploration 1)
  • Science module (Additional space for 3 astronauts, scientific testing unics)
  1. Constructing a rover capable of landing on an astmospheric planet and surviving there (Exploration 1)
  2. Execution of Exploration 1 (bringing a rover to Eve)
  • Mission Details:
  1. Launching a rocket into orbit
  2. Docking the transfer stage with the RBSS
  3. Undocking the Science module from the rocket
  4. Attaching the Science module to another docking port of RBSS
  5. Undocking the transfer stage
  6. Undocking the rover from the back of the transfer stage and carrying it to the top
  7. Transfering into orbit of Eve
  8. De-orbiting the rover + transfer stage
  9. Securely landing the rover on Eve
Exploration 1 rover on Eve's surface near the survived part of his rocket debris

My work

Translation of the following articles (into German language):