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Hello, I am a wiki contributor.



My forum username is Scientia1423 which I posted historical aircrafts and buran shuttles. Other than that, I usually hang around the stock 'spaceplanes'; editing, adding and fixing inconvenient errors in that section. My wiki username is based off a planet-destroying weapon from Spore.

On the forums I make historic craft that you can find on Kerbal X by typing 'Scientia1423' on the search bar. I am part of the Stock Community Space Program and will make rockets that I will post to kerbal X once my turns are finished.


If you have any questions about me or anything to discuss: please post them in the discussion area.



Project RENOVATION is a project to bring updated craft pictures for your pleasant viewing.

  • As of now, all new 1.1 craft have updated pictures.(1.2 has the same imagery as 1.1)
  • Older crafts only have the 1.0.5 versions and are pending to be updated
    • The Stearwing A300 is updated
    • The Stearwing D45 will never be updated, as it was removed from the game.

Other things

If you are a wiki editor, please update parts and craft pages as they're the most outdated parts in this wiki and add some content to it so it doesn't look like an empty shell with a part box and a product description.