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This is a first draft of my proposal to kickstart a large-scale effort to improve the quality of the wiki. Please add any comments you might have to the talk page. I should be polishing up the final draft sometime tomorrow, then posting it to the forum slightly thereafter.


In order to improve the quality of the wiki we first need to create a clear road-map of the steps to do this.

  • We need to identify the tools, standards, and documents that must be created for a more cohesive, professional looking Wiki.
  • We need to openly involve the community in this process, petitioning for useful feedback, and assistance.
  • We need to make tools so we can organize this community feedback into clear plans, goals, projects, side-projects, and feature request lists.
  • We need to clearly document what has already been mentioned, and what has been decided about it, and do so in an orderly manner to allow the community to improve the quality of their suggestions, and avoid redundant requests.

Initial road-map to kick-start initiative

  1. Draft an initial plan and polish it up.
  2. Formalize plan into a proper, and complete proposal.
  3. Announce plan to community seeking suggestions and galvanizing support.
  4. Create a master to-do list for the wiki.
  5. Index and weigh community suggestions.
  6. Add some of the community ideas to the master to-do list.
  7. Create an updated initial project outline improved and added to based on community feedback.
  8. Create the basic tools, organization theory, necessary to implement this and the Wiki pages to house, and document them.
  9. Document the necessary steps to create uniform category, format, and style standards for the Wiki using aforementioned Wiki pages.
  10. Work with community to create and fine-tune said standards.# Fully document said standards and how to use them.
  11. Plot road-map to improve existing wiki pages to meet said standards.
  12. Implement page rating system to keep track of what pages need large amounts work to meet standards.