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I'm a German KSP enthusiast that only found the game on the 0.18 release. Since then I'm actively playing and wanted to see about how I could contribute a bit. As I have considerable experience in the maintenance of wikis and seeing how this wiki sorely lacks a lot of desperately needed rules and guidelines, I try to set an example by elaborating and improving crucial content pages as well as trying to suggest and implement guidelines and templates to bring some order into the chaos.


I try and focus on making the entire wiki more newbie-friendly and overall accessible. Both should be a strong point of every wiki, but currently this wiki only shows little steps in that direction. While technical game data (Parts, planets etc.) is usually well presented already, simple newbie guides do not exist, and several of the supposed newbie how-tos are too vague or still too complex for laymans and casual players.

Template Creation/Editing

I also am willing to assist with template-creation or take requests for those. I'm very skilled with templates as I have created those for years for various game wikis. If you feel a new specific template would help the wiki or an existing one needs to be expanded/repaired, just contact me via my Talk page!