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Hello, my name is Snocker15 or, as I'm called in this thing called real life, Martin. I am translating articles on this wiki to the German language (or at least try to) to make the knowledge provided here accessible to a wider group of users. If you think about contacting me for any reason, try to speak either English or German, as these are the languages I understand. Native Latin speakers can also try to speak to me, but don't expect me to know what you're talking about ;-).

Other wikis I'm (more or less) active on:

  • Stupidedia, a German satiric wiki, comparable to the Uncyclopedia, but of course better.
  • Wikipedia, an internat... I think you know what Wikipedia is.
  • ComputerCraft Wiki, I seem to like wikis about games.

In fact I'm just registered at the last two wikis without doing anything at all, but this list makes me appear so active, that I just couldn't live without it.