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Greetings fellow Kerbalnauts! My moniker is tofuturkey, an no, I do not like tofu. In fact, I detest it.


I first started playing Kerbal Space Program around March of 2012. KSP has changed a lot since then, allowing us to do even more in-game than I originally had ever hoped. Docking, inter-planetary travel, rovers, even SSTO's. I'm really excited to see what comes next from the brilliant developers, known in a group as SQUAD.

Real Life

Some of my RL interests include Geology, playing the Irish Whistle and Piano, Electrical Engineering, and of course, Gaming. I'm a big fan of World of Tanks, Minecraft, Star Citizen (the up-and-comin), Skyrim, The Elder Scrolls Online, and of course, Kerbal Space Program.



I'm primarily making this page to learn more about the wiki functions, and how to edit pages etc. If some of you learned a bit about in the process, then wonderful!