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Here is a list of current default Key Bindings.

"D" after a command denotes a command available in the demo version.

Key Effect since Demo Command?
System Commands
F1 Screenshot 0.07.3 D
Alt+F2 Open debug console 0.08.5 D
M Orbital Map toggle 0.11.0 D
Tab Switch focus in Orbital Map 0.11.0 D
. Time Warp increase 0.11.0 D
, Time Warp decrease 0.11.0 D
. (numpad del) Toggle Navball 0.12.0? D
F2 Toggle UI visibility 0.13.0 D
] Cycle through active ships (forwards) 0.14.0
[ Cycle through active ships (backwards) 0.14.0
F3 Toggle Results Screen 0.14.0
F4 Toggle Ship Labels 0.14.0
F5 Quicksave 0.14.0
F9 Quickload 0.14.0
Control+F10 Load saved game state dialogue box (hidden feature, looks in /KSP/saves/scenarios/) 0.14.1?
Cntl+Alt+Shift+D Debug menu 0.16.0
Flight Controls
W Pitch adjustment (up/back) 0.07.3 D
S Pitch adjustment (down/forward) 0.07.3 D
A Yaw adjustment (port/left) 0.07.3 D
D Yaw adjustment (starboard/right) 0.07.3 D
Q Roll adjustment 0.07.3 D
E Roll adjustment 0.07.3 D
Caps Lock Toggle between instant or precision control mode 0.08.5 D
Alt+WSADQE Trim Pitch/Yaw/Roll 0.15.0
Alt+X Reset trim 0.15.0
C Toggle camera view [auto/free/orbital in 0.14.x; auto/free/chase in 0.13.3] 0.07.3 D
G Toggle Landing Struts position 0.14.0
B Toggle wheel brakes 0.15.0
U Toggle vehicle lights 0.15.0
Left-Shift Increase throttle 0.07.3 D
Left-Control Decrease throttle 0.07.3 D
X Stop all engines (hidden 0.12 function) 0.12.0 D
Space Advance stage 0.07.3 D
Alt+L Lock current stage 0.08.4 D
T Toggle S.A.S. Module and S.A.S functions in other parts. 0.07.3 D
F Hold to activate S.A.S. Module and S.A.S functions in other parts. 0.07.3 D
+ Zoom view in 0.08.5 D
- Zoom view out 0.08.5 D
R Toggle RCS Thrusters 0.11.0 D
H RCS Thruster forward 0.11.0 D
N RCS Thruster rearward 0.11.0 D
I RCS Thruster translate down 0.11.0 D
J RCS Thruster translate left 0.11.0 D
K RCS Thruster translate up 0.11.0 D
L RCS Thruster translate right 0.11.0 D
W Walk/jet forward 0.16.0
S Walk/jet left 0.16.0
A Walk/jet right 0.16.0
D Walk/jet back 0.16.0
Shift Jet up 0.16.0
Control Jet down 0.16.0
Space Jump/Reorient 0.16.0
F Use 0.16.0
L Toggle headlamps 0.16.0
R Toggle jetpack 0.16.0
Alt Toggle movement 0.16.0
VAB Commands
Alt+left mouse click Duplicate part or assembly in VAB 0.08.5 D
Shift+left mouse click Select the entire ship in VAB 0.09.0 D
Control+Z Undo last action in VAB 0.08.0 D
Control+Y Redo last action in VAB 0.08.0 D
X Scroll through symmetry settings in VAB 0.08.5 D
Page Up Scroll view up in VAB 0.08.5 D
Page Down Scroll view down in VAB 0.08.5 D
+ Zoom view in 0.08.5 D
- Zoom view out 0.08.5 D
W Rotate part backward 0.15.0
S Rotate part forward 0.15.0
A Rotate part counterclockwise (flat) in VAB 0.15.0
D Rotate part clockwise (flat) 0.15.0
Q Rotate part counterclockwise 0.15.0
E Rotate part clockwise in VAB 0.15.0
Shift Rotate parts in 5 degree increments 0.15.0
Space Reset part rotation 0.15.0


Highlight legend

  •     - RCS
  •     - (A)SAS
  •     - VAB/SPH
  •     - EVA