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Hi, I'm a person that downloaded a mod and my game got glitched by a version of the Hell Kraken. It dident start at 666,666 and went down but it glitched out at a very extremely high distance. Now all my save files are unaccessable because the KSC is now invisible and so as the planet, also everything.

Exotic Krakens.

Exotic Krakens are Krakens that happen when the situation is impossible to replicate. The Gyro Kraken is one of the ones that is impossible to replicate.

The Danny Kraken The Danny Kraken is a Kraken which happens when your craft reaches in the thousands of xettameters and speeds of peta/exameters a second. If you go to Space Center it would be in space. It is impossible to interact with anything at this point aside from the exit button and time warps. The visual is a black screen with the altimeter and the navigation ball completely blank and whited out. This Kraken only happens when you do something that is on the Danny2462 glitch scale. This Kraken also effects all your save files so you can only re download the game.