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Described KSC image

Hi Jworlds, you uploaded an image named Ksc.png and I'm probably going to delete it unless you could make such an image for a newer version of the game. If you make a newer version you've got two choices: Upload it to a newer better name which is not so generic and I'll delete the current or upload a new version to that page and I'll move it. The reason why the current page will be 'freed' (by either moving or deleting it) is that the name is very generic and it's not the image of KSC. More like an annotated image.

Don't get me wrong, I don't appreciate the work you've done but currently it's not meeting the minimum an image should have. If it'd have (e.g. from a current version) I'd have moved the image already. — xZise [talk] 12:00, 18 December 2014 (CST)

Here's the outdated image: