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About your image

Hi, it was nothing personal that I removed your image. I listed my reasons on the talk page. But I've another question, as the data in the table is originating from your image: What defines “upper”/“lower” atmosphere and “near”/“outer” space? Is there any scheme like “lower atmosphere means lower half”? — xZise [talk] 07:32, 19 October 2013 (CDT)

2 XZise: Lower atmosphere starts from second bold section at atm. scanner. For Kerbin it is about 32000m. The experiments get definition prefix "flying". Higher, before atm. ends, is upper atmosphere. The experiments get definition prefix "upper atmosphere". When atmosphere ends, for Kerbin about 71000m, near space is located. Prefix "space near ...". If there is no atmosphere than space starts from ground. The outer space distance, I think, is connected with size of celestial body. For Kerbin it starts from 250000m. For Mun about 40000m, for Minmus about 15000.

PlonioFludrasco Nice map and very useful, but as of 0.23, it seems we have canyons also on the edge of southwest crater. No spam or trolling, I can provide screenshots about this.