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If it's OK I would like to start translating wiki to my language. Just did a test run and translated this into this. I'm gonna get karolus10 (he's a mod on forums) to check it later for bugs, but just wanted to know what should I do to get Polish/Polski language versions to show up in "languages" in the left side menu?

Also - how do I edit the language in the right-side object specification grey-box? You know, the mass, radious, etc?

Well, first, we need a Main Page/pl so there's a starting point for translators. Once that's done, I'll add it to the sidebar.
As for the templates, add {{lang|en=English version|pl=Polish version|(other languages, if they're present)}} to the parts needing translation. If it's becoming a nightmare, you may want to make a {{Dictionary/Phrase}} with the {{lang}} template as content. -- N3X15 (C · T · E) 02:33, 1 November 2012 (UTC)