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Please, stop destroying the linkages system with renaming the sequences. If you rename the sequences the links aimed at won't find them. If you do this, please use anchors. For example the link [[Pagename#Sequence Name]] wont find the Pagename#Sequence name name unless:

  1. go to the Tools/What links here - and search and rename all the links!
  2. leave "anchors"
    1. === <span id="Sequence name"> Sequence Name </span> === (this make find only the old name)
    2. This make find both of them:
<span id="Sequence Name"></span>
===  Sequence name  ===

Please repair your activity, and have a Happy New Year! NWM (talk) 06:34, 2 January 2015 (CST)

Yeah it's kind of bad. I actually wouldn't recommend the first listed alternative because that makes it impossible to link to the new name and that is what the user sees. And as I also support the removing of capitalized words (and outside of section headers they are usually fine) this would allow the actual links to them to get fixed.
And the same problem have the Wikipedias to but I don't know how they handle it. In the German Wikipedia a link to a section has to be explicitly shown (as [[Pagename#Sequence Name|Pagename #Sequence Name]]). But that is always the problem that as soon as it's renamed, it's not valid anymore. And adding a span for each is only sensible for so long. After some time newer users don't understand why you added them there and for each rename a new entry has to be added.
Sorry that I edited your message, but I wanted to make it easier to understand. I also took the liberty to remove the exclamation marks, because the breakage is not disastrous as only the “automatic scrolling” doesn't work.xZise [talk] 13:43, 2 January 2015 (CST)